Residential Home Inspection

This is what we do! We will inspect your prospective home, identify defects, be vigilant for safety issues, and provide you with a comprehensive written report with tangible evidence(photographs).

Pre-Drywall (Structural)

If you are building the house, this is the first stage to get us involved.  The builder will have you walk-through the house and look at... studs! Let's be realistic.  How many of us have the training and background to understand the intricacies of siding, framing, plumbing, electrical and HVAC?  Vose does!  That's been her lifelong learning.  This is our last chance to see what will shortly be hidden behind the wallboard... forever!

Warranty Inspection

Often thought of as the 11-month inspection, this is your last chance to leverage your new home warranty.  Has something moved?  Should we just accept that the crack in the wall is from "settlement?"  All houses settle, right?  Well... maybe not!  Let us do a full inspection of your new home, and give you a report, which can speak to your builder.


Radon Inspection

Radon is a byproduct of uranium breakdown.  According to the EPA, it is the number two cause of cancer. Two of the most worrisome statements that we here in our region are, "there's no radon here," and "slab construction is immune to radon."  Both are simply not true. Both Vose Home Inspections and the EPA recommends that you have your home tested for radon at the time of purchase and every two years thereafter.  Peace of mind is knowing that your loved ones sleep in the loving arms of your safe home.

Wood Destroying Organism Inspection

Termites and Fungi

Noted for agriculture, North Carolina has one of the best growing climates in the southern states.  And wood destroying organism growth is no exception!  Although we don't do termite inspections, we will be happy to coordinate a termite inspection as a courtesy to you to ease your busy schedule.

The pest control company that you ultimately choose will be vigilantly on the lookout for pests, but what about wood destroying fungi?  If you have a crawlspace in your home, consider having us inspect the crawlspace every two to five years.


Next Steps...

Don't wait to get onto our busy calendar.  Schedule your inspection - now!