We will attempt to answer most of your questions here, but please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your important questions!

Why do you have to have a contract?

The contract protects you and Vose Home Inspections from misunderstandings.

Does the contract have to be signed before the home inspection starts?

Yes, this is not only a precondition of Vose Home Inspections, but it is also required by the NC Home Inspector Licensure Board.

Will you review the report with me?

Of course! Once we have completed the inspection we will meet with you online using conferencing technology or at your Agent's office, where we will go over every picture and finding to help you understand what is going on with your prospective home.


Can I attend the inspection?

Of course! It's your inspection!  All that we ask is that you respect the inspector's need to be safe and get the job done. You cannot be near the electrical panel or garage door when it is inspected.  We also can't let you climb ladders or enter the crawlspace and attic.

Will you give my report to the seller?

No! It's your report.  We will not give it to anyone, including your agent, without your permission.

Can you recommend contractors?

We don't recommend contractors.  It's important to our integrity that we keep a distance between our inspection and those who perform work.  Instead, ask your Agent for referrals.

Do you inspect to code?

No!  A home inspector is a professional observer.  We will identify a defect, describe why it is a defect, try to give you an idea of its impact, and direct you to a qualified resource such as a contractor or engineer.

Why did you recommend an engineer instead of a contractor?

We will defer to an engineer whenever we think that the defect involves design and calculations that will lead to an action plan or statement of stability. A contractor will take the plan and implement it.

Why won't you turn water on or reset circuit breakers?

We have to assume that an item is broken or purposely taken out of service when it is shutdown before we get there.  Opening water valves and resetting circuit breakers can have major unwanted consequences! We never operate the main water valve, they are notorious for leaking after having sat in the open (or closed) position for prolonged periods of time.