Our Approach

At Vose Home Inspections, it's not only about protecting you, it's about helping you understand the new home that you are about to buy. As a licensed North Carolina home inspector, I adhere to the highest caliber home inspection Standards of Practice.

I know where to look! I will help you see your home through my seasoned eyes. Whether I am showing you how to turn off the main water valve or pointing out a looming major cost, my top objective is to give you the information that you need to make an informed decision!

I hope you able to attend the inspection with me, but if not, at the end of the inspection, we will review the report online using GoTo Meeting or in-person at your agent's office. Together we will put it all in perspective. We can have as many GoTo Meeting sessions as you like at no additional cost!

Our Story

Evie Vose began her career with the US Army. As a technician in the early days of computer technology, she learned about the process of meticulous investigation and the need for continuing education. After her first tour, she was trained in engineering and returned to the Army as an officer.

After her career in the Army, Vose spent many years in product development, the building industry, and millwork production.  She quickly earned a reputation for improving work processes.  She became an expert in fixing failed processes that had led to defects in truss manufacturing, rough framing, construction, power distribution and even gas fireplace production!

Vose came to realize that she could apply her lifelong experience and learning, to help you, the home buyer, learn and understand the issues that may be hidden away in your new home.

She will prepare you to tackle what will perhaps be the most expensive and potentially life-altering decision you can make next to starting a family.

Next Steps...

Evelyn Vose's time is in demand!  Schedule your appointment as soon as your offer has been accepted.